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Topwon international ltd is a professional factory for glass deep process, including design, research, production and sales with several years experience. With professional etching machine and advanced technology, we specialized in deep processing Consumer Products
Our products can be used in touch screens, medical, electrical, optical and other special glass industry. Relying on years of expearerience and advantages to processing ultra-thin glasses, we start to produce Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Tempered Glass Protective screen in  2018.
These screen protectors can be used on mobile phone, laptop, GPS, camera, E-book, DV, etc., to protect the LCD from damage and scratches. Our Products have been approved by several brand marketers, and we provide OEM service for some well-known domestic and foreign brands.


Serivce and support

1. how to connect wifi ?

    Click“settings”---“wireless&networks”—activate “ wifi”&“wifi settings”—find the wireless router you want to connect ----input the passwords---connect

2. The procedure of connect the tablet PC with  computer?

  (1)Use the OTG-USB cable connect the tablet PC and computer

  (2) when the USB icon appear on the status bar, pull down the status bar

  (3)click “USB connected”, turn on the USB storage

  (4)then you can see the file of tablet pc in your computer .

3. how to connect tablet with with TV ?

  (1)use the mini-HDMI cable to connect the tablet with with TV

  (2) when the HDMI icon appear on the status bar , pull down the status bar

  (3) click “HDMI switch” then choose one among them 

       HDMI 480P  or

       HDMI 720P  or

       HDMI 1080P

Then you can see the computer screen on TV screen .

4. How to overtime the tablet standby time?

  (1) close WLAN, camera, brower and other function, when program is finished, user can press backspace key to exit .

  (2) when program is finished, shut down the screen for saving power .

  (3) if play video or navigate for a long time, please connect the charger at best. 

  (4) set the time of automatical lock screen 15 seconds

  (5) according to your actual demand adjust the screen brightness(low brightness can save power )

5.How to connect USB 3G dongle?
  (1).Insert the 3G usb dongle,click "settings" ---"wireless & networks"
  (2).Disconnect any wireless 
  (3).click to turn on 3G, choose which model you want EVDO or WCDMA, save it ,then shut the tablet down , then restart it .
  (4).wait utill the wileless signal icon changed(about 15 seconds), until the 3G icon appear
  (5). Return to desktop, you can surf the net